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Application For Ministrial Credentials

Welcome To Dayspring

Can't find a fellowship to cover you for ministry.  Consider joing the Dayspring family of ministers. Fill out the following application and send it to Dayspring Ministries International 


Ordination into the ministry through Dayspring Ministries International either by transfer of ministerial credentials or by the "laying on of hands" in a local ceremony under the oversight of a Minister recognized by Dayspring Ministries. All candidates for ordination should hold at least a Bachelor's degree in ministry, Bible, theology, religion, pastoral counseling or a related field from an accredited institution of higher learning recognized by Dayspring/AEC/ECC. Degrees from institutions that are state licensed or approved are acceptable. Life experience may be considered if the appropriate degree has not been received.  Call if you have questions about life experience. 

Unaccredited degrees or those accredited by unrecognized bodies will be evaluated by the Ministry. Honorary degrees may be considered if the candidate has many years of experience.  If a candidate does not hold a degree the candidate is encouraged to enroll and complete the courses of study offered by the International College of Christian Therapy through Dayspring Church's education division.   All candidates for first time ordination must pass an exam prepared by Dayspring Ministries, as well as submitting to a personal interview.


Please type or print legibly and fill in completely. You may use additional sheets.

1. Full Name__________________________________________

2. Address____________________________________________

3. City, State and Zip________________________________

4. Home Phone ____________ Business Phone ____________

5. E-Mail Address ____________________________

6. DOB _____________________ Male _____ Female _____

7. Marital Status_____________________________________

8. Name of Spouse_____________________________________

9. Names and Ages of Children in Home




On separate sheets

10. Please submit a statement of your spiritual journey and why you seek ministerial credentials through Dayspring Ministries/ECC/AEC.

11. Where do you attend church?

12. Are you a pastor? Are you ordained? If so, by whom and when? Are credentials still valid ?

13. Please describe your Christian work during the past several years

14. Do you have a secular job? If so, what?

15. Have you ever been convicted of a crime?

16. Are you currently in criminal litigation?

17. Do you oppose abortion except to save the life of the mother?

18. Please detail your post-secondary education

19. List your college degrees and any other state or national licenses or certifications

20. Do you FULLY understand you are accountable to AECC and Dayspring Ministries and that credentials may be revoked for conduct unbecoming of a minister of Christ?

21. Do you FULLY understand Dayspring Ministries International IS NOT legally responsible for your actions?

22. Do you FULLY understand ALL Churches associated with Dayspring Ministries and Dayspring Community Church of Granbury, Texas are recommended to be  CONGREGATIONAL and SEMI-AUTONOMOUS in government?

23. Do you accept Dayspring's Statement of Faith without reservation or hesitation and also understand as a Pastor your church members are only required to subscribe to the Statement and that you cannot add to the Statement?

24. Do you understand that as an Minister associated with Dayspring Ministries/ECC/AEC you must allow all within your church to have liberty of conscience in regards to theological beliefs outside the Statement of Faith?

25. Have you read our Constitution and Bylaws and are you in full agreement with them?


Please provide 3 letters of reference from a Pastor, layperson and a friend who knows your ministry attesting to your character, calling and fitness for the ministry and, a letter or official document from a legal entity concerning whether or not you have a criminal record or are currently in litigation. We are specifically inquiring about child abuse convictions.


Please read and sign, if in agreement,

1. I will maintain high ethical and moral values in all my dealings, personally and professionally;

2. I will respect each persons difference in doctrine, style and personality as they follow the leadings of the Holy Spirit;

3. I will always be willing to learn;

4. I will only speak in edifying ways in regards to other ministers, ministries, and the Body of Christ at large;

5. I will treat all with whom I come into contact as I would like to be treated; and,

6. I will support and promote Dayspring Ministries International in ways the Lord leads me.

Written Signature_____________________________________________

Printed Signature_____________________________________________


Please print form, complete and send, along with supplementary sheets, copies of all educational degrees, certificates, counseling licenses, licenses to preach, certificates of ordination, letters of reference and, in U.S. funds only, $75 (Africa, India, Phillipines, $30) donation to help defray denominational expenses to

The Evangelical Christian Church

Office of the Archbishop

P.O. Box 863

Brookhaven, MS  39602