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DMI - River State Nigeria

This is our Mission School in River State in Eastern Nigeria. We are asking for prayers and support to enable us to raise these children to God\s glory and a better academic standard.  Most of them can not afford to attend the school and we have taken this as a challenge.  
Most of these kids are been taken care with out any thing.  The volunteer staff is doing their best to make sure they get the best training.  Please help with your prayers. We ask for God to raise those so that we can help care for more .  The purchase of uniforms for those without is on our top most list for help now.
The group is the School with me and my wife standing on the left and our two staff on the right.  The other pictures are are the pupils in thier class sessions.
Thanks for your Prayers
Rev. Chike Elendu, Regional Superintendent, Eastern Region, Rivers State.





Following are the pictures of the Ordination of 2 new ministers in our Eastern Nigerian Region,
This was the time of the pouring of the oil at the time of ordination.
In the middle is Rev Chike Elendu the Eastern  Nigeria Regional Presiding Pastor & Supreintendent, with the two newly Ordained ministers in the region. They are Rev Friday Udofia and Rev John Ndudirim
This is the group picture of the DMI ministers in the Region and the two Ordianed ministers