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First U.S. Regional Meeting, Southern California

The First Regional Meeting was held in the United States, Saturday, the 19th of February, 2005, in Southern California.  Rev. Andria Sigler-Smalz and her husband Tim hosted the meeting.  It was a combination of ECC and AACT ministers.  THIS IS A FIRST...
Below are excerpts from the letter Rev. Sigler-Smalz sent to our Bishop & President telling about the meeting.  These meetings will continue and grow... And there are hints that this region may invite the General Conference and Assembly to Southern California for the annual meeting in 2006. Read and rejoice with us...
The meeting went great!!  Present were Tim and I, Gerry and Vicki from Corona, Jervin and Teah, Detric and Kimberly, Dyan and Nick, Maria, Cathy, and two guests that I invited. Victoria Walters planned to attend but canceled because there were high winds on the grapevine and mud slides. 
Here's how the meeting went.  We did introductions, some "informationals" and then as usual, Jervin and Teah's worship leading was incredibly dynamic.  Cathy shared her testimony.  Detric and Kimberly officiated communion immediately after worship.  I taught on Law and Ethics in Ministry and Pastoral Counseling, and gave out sample forms for counseling ministry.  My husband and son did the traditional Hebrew blessings at meal time. After that, every one ate and visited, getting to know one another.
What a great group of people!!  Everyone really gelled and is looking forward to our next meeting on June 4th at the Dallas'.  At that gathering, the Dallas' will be leading worship, Kimberly will be giving her testimony, and Jervin and Teah will be teaching on worship.  Dyan and Nick will be hosting the 3rd meeting which will be in November.  At that meeting, we will actually have a worship band.  Nick will be leading worship, and Teah, Jervin, Sy, and Tim will be accompanying him.  Detric and Kimberly will host the 4th one, next February.  And of course, we add to all these plans, "if the Lord wills." :-)  People also shared areas of experience and expertise on which they would be willing to share and teach. 


Top row - left to right:
Bishop Jervin Sy (DMI Ruling Elder) ; Nadia (visitor); Carol (visitor);  Rev. Dyan Howk (ECC minister and licensed M.F.T.);
Nick Howk; Rev. Cathy Morrill (ECC minister and AACT Pastoral Counselor); Rev. Detric Kelly (ECC minister); Rev. Maria Cardenas (ECC Minister).
Bottom row - left to right
Rev. Andria L. Sigler-Smalz (ECC So. Cal. Regional Pastor/ AACT Vice President) and son, Justin;
Rev. Teah Sy (ECC Western Regional Pastor and Superintendent); Rev. Kimberly Kelly (ECC Minister) and children.
Taking Picture- Tim Sigler-Smalz
Present at meeting, but not in picture - Dr. Gerry Gauthier (AACT Pastoral Counselor) and Vicki Coffman (AACT Pastoral Counselor)
Present at part of the meeting via web cam - Doc Potter (AACT)
Unable to make the meeting and sorely missed - Bishop Victoria Walters, Rev. Joe Dallas, Renee Dallas and son Jeremy.